Friday, December 08, 2006

Are you the King of Therapies?

TheStutteringBrain looks for the king or queen of therapies: Who has done the most therapies in his life?

Here is my challenge to you. You don't stand a chance!! :-)

1) GP in Esch (Luxembourg)
2) speech therapy in Esch (Luxembourg)
3) special kindergarten in Luxembourg-City
4) "natural healer" in Bavaria
5) psychologist I in Trier (Germany)
6) psychologist II in Luxembourg-City
7) post-block modification / fluency shaping at Indiana University (US)
8) short therapy in Canterbury (England)
9) post-block modification at City Lit London
10) post-block modification in Durham (Northern England)
11) hypnotherapy in Manchester
12) self-help group in London.
13) fluency shaping in Kassel (Germany): I
14) fluency shaping in Kassel (Germany): II


fluentsoul said...

Okay, I can't beat that list. I do, however, have an unusual therapy to add: magnet therapy. It was a (brief) part of my speech therapy while I was an undergrad. I think they decided to stop with the magnets because every time they put a magnet on my head or my belly and asked me to talk, I couldn't -- because I was laughing too hard.

Anonymous said...

Well let's see if I can beat that.

1) Therapy with various school SLPs.
2) Private therapy with SLP 1 as a child. (This one videotaped me to point out all my speaking mistakes)
3) Private therapy with SLP 2 as a child.
4) Private therapy with SLP 3 as a child.
5) Group workshop with Martin Schwartz (airflow) as a teenager. An awful experience!
6) Private therapy with SLP as a teenager.
7) Hollins (Fluency Shaping) three week course in 97 (Roanoke, Va).
8) Hollins one week refresher in 98.
9) Hollins one week refresher in 99.
10) Private therapy with SLP (Tim Mackesey) including desentization, voluntary stuttering, pull outs, slides, NLP, etc. around 2001.
11) McGuire Program 1 (three days in Reno, NV) in 2004.
12) McGuire Program 2 (Galway, Ireland) in 2004.
13) Neurosemantics (NLP) five day workshop with Bob Bodenhamer (Charlotte, NC).
14) McGuire Program 3 (Reno, NV) in 2004.
15) Casa Futura DAF system in 2005.
16) McGuire Program 4 (Washington DC)in 2005.
17) McGuire Program 5 (Washington DC) in 2005.
18) McGuire Program 6 (Washington DC) in 2006.

I have done a couple of therapies multiple times. But I also left out some of the home therapies I have done. I also threw this list together quickly and may have forgotten one or two.