Sunday, September 03, 2006

The new sciences of stuttering

I still have problems. But here is the first part of the description of research program at the Telford conference.

The new sciences of stammering

Over the last decade, advances in brain imaging, genetics, and pharmacology have provoked a revolution in the scientific understanding of the human brain. Scientists are now using this knowledge combined with the new research tools to tackle an age-long mystery: the mechanism and causes of stammering, and how best
to treat stammering. The BSA has invited to its annual conference in Telford leading researchers in the fields of neuroscience, genetics, and pharmacology to share with us the new sciences of stammering and answer the question: How are
neuroscience, pharmacology and genetics changing our understanding and treatment of stammering?

The main session of the program is the research plenary where leading researchers give conceptually clear and simple reviews of the progress made in their research area. After a tea break, the audience has the opportunity to ask probing questions to the panel or comment on any issues related to understanding or treating stuttering. The general sessions are followed by a research symposium where the experts will present and discuss cross-disciplinary topics.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tom, I miss Katrin Neumann with the keynote speakers?


Tom Weidig said...

Hi Holger,

my idea was to have one expert from each of the new sciences of stuttering.

For neuroscience, I choose Per because he has actually a PhD in neuroscience, he stutters himself, he wrote an excellent thesis with the basal ganglia theory, he thinks cross-disciplinary, he left his job in engineering to dedicate his life to stuttering research, he works in Oxford and has therefore strong connections with the BSA, and his English is very good.

The conference is open to everyone, so everyone is welcome to come to the talks of the plenary, and take part in the symposium discussions.


Anonymous said...

Tom, what is the news?
We are missing your posts.

Tom, quais são as novidades?
Estamos sentindo falta de seus posts.

Gawande, Brazil.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,
I noticed many newspapers report on the pagoclone study at present.


Tom Weidig said...

Sorry Gawande! I am on again!! Hopefully!!!

Yes, Holger, there are many newspapers but no new news about Pagoclone as far as Jerry Maguire is concerned. So the article are based on old information.