Sunday, September 03, 2006

Details of The New Sciences of Stuttering

(Chair: Velda Osborne, Sat Sep 16th Sep 9:00-10:30)

Introducing the new sciences of stammering
(Tom Weidig)

The genetics of stuttering: a review
(Dennis Drayna, National Institute of Health, US)

The pharmacology of stuttering: a review
(Gerald Maguire, University of California at Irvine, US)

The brain and stuttering: a review
(Per Alm, University of Oxford)

Q&A sessions
(Chair: Tom Weidig, Sat Sep 16th 11:00-12:00)

Panel consists of speakers plus Kate Watkins, and LouiseWright.

(Chair: Tom Weidig, Sat Sep 16th 14:00-17:30)

Given a gene, what is its function? Given a function, what is its gene? What if gene combinations make up a function? (Dennis Drayna)

Similarities and differences in the functional brain abnormalities associated with developmental stuttering and with a mutation in the FOXP2 gene. (Kate Watkins)

What does a medication-induced reduction in stuttering tell us about physiology and genetics of stuttering? (Gerald Maguire)

Is the dopamine D2 receptor important for genetic childhood stuttering? Neurological incidents and subgrouping. (Per Alm)

The measurement problem in stammering: a cross-disciplinary Pandora's box. (additional workshop on Sunday morning)


Anonymous said...

I have been on seroquel since 2003.
Dr Maguire put me on it.
Changed my life forever. I had speech therapy from Charles Vanriper and many others. Nothing helped. Blocking dopamine seemed to be the answer. Pagalone changed that thinking. I have never tried Pagalone. I am 67 years old. Stuttered forever. I am a pharmacist and need to communicate. Thank GOD for Gerald Maguire!

Phil McConn said...

Hi Robert,

What dosage of serroquel do you take?