Sunday, April 02, 2006

Tom and The JellyFishKiller

I am back from skiing, and still alive! I love skiing...

Oren Civier, a graduate student at Boston University, just sent me a picture of us at the Oxford Disfluency Conference last summer. He also included a picture with him and Per Alm, but I prefer to put up the picture where I am on it! Sorry Per... it is not me it is my subcortical structures... ;-)

The Internet is such a wonderful invention. Especially when googling people. For example, I just found out that Oren is on Internet Chat and his nick name is JellyFishKiller! :-o Check this out. Apart from his morally suspicious jelly fish killings, he works on neural models for stuttering. (Here is the link to his publications. They are more mathematical.)

He asked me whether he should go to the IFA conference in Dublin or the speech motor control conference in Nijmengen. The difference between the two conference is that IFA 2006 is much broader and covers everything on stuttering: from personal experiences to hard-core science. The Nijmengen conference is only science and focussed on speech-motor control.

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