Saturday, April 29, 2006

Crackpot No. 2

The Stuttering Brain proudly presents the second winner of the prestigious "The Stuttering Brain's Crackpot Award": Stephen Hill aka Tony Blair II. (Click here for the first winner.)

The Stuttering Brain proudly declares in his eulogy:
"Stephen Hill is a creative genius of marketing per excellence. He managed to get into many UK newspapers by explaining how thinking about Tony Blair buying a burger helped him overcome his stutter. He claims "I would love to be able to report 95-100% success, however I believe it is more like 85%. To achieve fluency takes a lot of hard work and practice, unfortunately not all of my clients seem willing to put this effort in.", and with one stroke isolates himself from any criticism: if you dont succeed, you only have to blame yourself. The Stuttering Brain is convinced that Stephen Hill is misleading potential clients by claiming 85% success rate. His methods are also remarkable: "I achieved fluency by concentrating on how fluent people spoke. Therefore my method is speaking, thinking, and breathing how fluent people do." So the way to speak like normal people is to speak like normal people. WOW!

Please note, that Stephen Hill is not the son of the UK comedian, Benny Hill, whose most famous feats involved being chased by semi-naked young girls. He is not a comedian, but gets paid for advice by people desperate to get rid of their stuttering."

P.S. The award aims to name and shame people for outrageous claims about PDS, especially those that try to make money out of promises for a cure.


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Anonymous said...

I actually went one of his courses, omg he spent the whole time speaking about himself. He have me some advice which was good but genrally a waste of money.

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