Monday, March 06, 2006

Shell's Stutter

Today, I received a review copy of Stutter published with Harvard University Press. The author is Marc Shell, professor for Comparative Literature and English at Harvard University, and a stutterer himself. Prof Shell is famous enough to have his own Wikipedia entry.

A cheeky theoretical physicist, which also happen to be the author of this blog, is already looking forward to writing a review on Stutter in his third foreign language commenting on work by a professor of English at Harvard! :-)

As I am unfortunately also lazy, you might have to wait a few weeks... So in the mean time, you can get more details or buy the book: here.


Einar said...

Thanks for the hint! I just ordered it from Amazon, looks promising... Hopefully it's a good read, and hopefully somebody in Hollywood someday decides to make a movie about it (or about stuttering in general), some more public awareness is badly needed...

Einar said...

It bothers me a bit what I read in some reviews about the book, concerning the authors practise of substitution of words... But I guess I should read the book, first before I start nagging about it ;-)