Saturday, December 10, 2005

Biggest obstacles to better understanding

Here are Tom's Top obstacles to a better understanding of PDS.

Five removable obstacles:

1. missing paradigm to study brain disorders with many different interacting layers.
2. lack of rigorous scientific discussion in favour of a every-one-is-welcome and everyone's-thoughts-are-interesting-even-if-completely-wrong attitude.
3. no big money going into PDS research.
4. research field mostly populated by not-very-good or good-but-not-outstanding scientists, and by professors with money, power and good expertise but limited scientific insight. And outside researchers with insight have limited expertise in the complexity of PDS.
5. no good structure to do meta-analyis and unity all research.
6. researchers rarely replicate studies, but do different experiments.

Five obstacles you have to live with:

1. No-one dies from stuttering.
2. Brain is a complex system with many different interacting layers.
3. You can make little money from PDS.
4. Most people are victim to logical fallacies.
5. PDS is more like a high crime rate in a city than a broken down computer.

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