Wednesday, December 07, 2005

4000 visitors!

According to my webcounter, 4000 visitors have sofar visited my blog since May. And I have 22 different visitors per day, which is pretty OK considering the speciality of the topic, and my many technical / scientifically oriented posts.

Visitors come from Europe (55%), America (37%), and the rest.

The most visitors are from the US (33%) and Germany (21%). The Luxembourg (14%) is probably mostly myself! :-) The UK representation is pretty poor, but this is actually just a reflection of how little PDS research is done or discussed in the UK. From my experience, by far the most activity and good discussions are going on in the US and in Germany. France is no-where, confirming everyone's suspicion that they still live in a world of their own. They were unlucky (as opposed to the US and UK) in that their language did not become the world language... :-)

There are daily fluctuations in the number of visitors. Typically there are around 30 visitors by working day, and 10 visitors on a weekend day, confirming my suspicious that most of you are abusing your company's Internet access for private matters! :-)

I also noticed that the hits go up the more I post. So this observation is a good incentive for me to post more.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, Tom! The blog is a great resource. Unique and one of a kind...!

chirri00 said...

Hi Tom,

And what about spanish? in accordance with your stadistics, Spain 2% and Argentina total, 3% of visitors who speak spanish....I believe, this data isn't despicable.

By the other side, what your opinion about the "Rational Emotive
Behaviour Therapy" applied to therapy stuttering.

Regards from Spain.

Anonymous said...

"France is no-where, confirming everyone's suspicion that they still live in a world of their own."

No no I'm French. And according to your luxstats, France ranks 12th now! What a stunning advancement ! lol