Saturday, July 16, 2005

Welcome Central and South America!

I am able to track the visitors to my blog. I know how many people visit the site, which IP address they have, from which country they are and how they got to my blog e.g. by referal from a link, from a favourite in their Netbrowser, or from a link included in an email.

Over the last days, I noticed that many Spanish speaking people are visiting my blog. Most came to the site via a link in an email!!! So someone must be sending an email around telling people about my blog! The addresses are from Mexico, Argentina, but also .es which might be Spain but could also be Spanish speaking somewhere else.

So WELCOME CENTRAL and SOUTH AMERICA! Qué t-ttt-tal? ;-)


Tom Weidig said...

Hi Pablo,

good idea! It is amazing what modern technology can do...

Where are you from in Spain? I recently visited Barcelona, Alicante, Granada, Sevilla, and Jerez. There are even pictures on my blog.

Let me know if there are some topics you are interested in. Comments to my posts are also always welcome!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,

My name is Felix, I live in Alcala de Henares (city near of Madrid) (Spain). I'm stutter too.

I showed your blog when Pablo send a e-mail to stutter group list. And I said:"It's great!!". I was finding a english stutter blog I din't be able to find it..:-( but..Pablo was be's great!!
In spanish there some stutter blogs too.

I would like to read your opinion about the therapy based on rythme, period of silence, much force of avolition to follow the therapy. And about the cost to achieve short-term fluency and the cost to achieve long-term fluency.

Thank you very much!!

Tom Weidig said...

Hi Chirri00,

I am not sure to which therapy you are refering. Fluency shaping?


chirri00 said...

Hi Tom,

I'm refer to a "special" therapy in Spain. It's called "La tartamudez vencida" de Jesus Ordonez Ancin ("The stuttering overcome"). It was create in 1955 and I believe it based in:

- Rythme, slow speech.
- One week keep in total silent.
- A lot of auto-sugestion.

I have a copy in a file .doc, but it's in spanish...:-(

Some spanish people have started this therapy. they said: "let's go to try","whether at him work, then to me too".

I think, it's possible is like therapy fluent enhance(rythme, slowly speech, light contac, desensitization, continuous, phontaion and blending,...) but only has slow speech, rhyme and a lot of auto-sugestion("you have to keep a lot of volition, if you want the method word...")

And it's based about some names:
- Chervin (from French)
- Bonnet (Lyon)

A lot of spanish stutter know this therapy. It's "famous".

I supposed you don't know this therapy as it is only in Spain...
but, are there others like this??

Regards from Spain.