Monday, July 18, 2005

IFA Congress 2006

The next big research conference on PDS is the IFA congress in Dublin in July 2006. The last one was in Montreal. The deadline is 30th of September, so in a bit more than 2 months... keep this in mind.

I am a bit disappointed about its focus: "Submissions for presentations related to all aspects of fluency disorders are welcome. Submissions regarding Qualitative Issues in Stuttering Research and Practice, the Efficacy and the Effectiveness of Intervention to include Evidence Based Practice and Practice Based Evidence, and Multi-cultural and Multi-lingual issues will be of particular interest."

No mention of genetics, brain, or drug research, even though I believe that these research areas have contributed considerably more towards a better understanding of PDS in recent years. But I guess this is also a function of who is on the scientific program committee. Another interesting topic by itself. Who decides who the experts are? And when does a fact become a fact?

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