Monday, November 13, 2023

A Member of Parliament who stutters!


On October 24th, I got sworn in as a member of the Luxembourg parliament, which we call the Chamber of Deputies. We had our national elections on October 8th. I was one of two leading candidates for the Central District of Luxembourg among 21 candidates in total on our list and received the most votes. As we live in times in which you like or dislike people according to their political views and not because of who they are as a person and behave towards yourself, my party is called the Alternative Democratic Party, which I would like to think of as the political middle ground between a Joe Biden and a Donald Trump. In Europe which has undertaken a significant left turn over the last two decades, some would say that I am right of center. We often call ourselves liberal-conservatives... So now you can decide whether you still like me or not! ;-)

It is a bit surreal, because the very last thing that I had imagined as a stuttering teenager was that my future would lie in politics and in being a member of parliament for five years! I would have been horrified to have to speak to potential voters, attend podium discussions and speak in parliament. In a sense, I am still a bit horrified, but I just choose to apply the simplest and hardest trick for people who stutter "live your life as if you are fluent and ignore the thoughts your brains generate regarding potential future speaking situations". 

I hope I can give people who stutter, especially those that are still in their formative years, hope that they can achieve nearly everything that they want, despite their stuttering, but only if they "live their life as if they are fluent and ignore the thoughts your brains generate regarding potential future speaking situations".  Of course, we do have a dysfunction as we cannot say exactly what we want to say even though we know exactly what we want to say at that moment, but the handicap is mostly derived from our own thoughts putting limitations on ourselves. So best to just do it, and see what's happening. If you can do it, great! If not, then you know.

Try it out!

And my apologies, to my blog who has suffered from a lack of posts due to my other engagement.s

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