Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Do you want to become a member of the research and publication committee at IFA??

The Research and Publication Committee of IFA is inviting interested parties to join our team and work collaboratively towards implementing our recently revised goals (see latest draft below).

We strongly encourage junior researchers (e.g., PhD students and postdocs) to apply. They could significantly benefit from membership of an international committee and gain much by having a more top-down approach of research worldwide.

Before applying, please review our goals carefully and indicate those that you would like to be involved in or responsible for and on average how much time you can spend on committee work. 

Of course, any feedback on our goals and on how we can together improve the functioning of research and the research community is welcome.

Therefore, we invite interested parties to apply by sending an email to research_publication_committee@theifa.org. 

(p.s. you need to be or be willing to become a member of IFA to become a member of the committee)



1)   Help to ensure a high quality research presence at IFA congresses
  1. Liaise with organizers, program committee, and IFA conference committee.
  2. Organize events and discussion rounds (on own activity).
2)  Encourage online exchanges on research
  1. Organize an online discussion on a specific topic twice a year.
  2. Provide a place to discuss the latest published research articles.
3)  Inform about research activities
  1.  Maintain a list of all research-related contact persons at relevant associations.
  2. Maintain a list of all research teams and published researchers.
  3.   Collect opinions from researchers on last year’s most interesting research.
4)  Support researchers
  1.   Interact informally and through surveys to identify and address needs.
  2.  Manage research-related surveys with IFA membership.
1)  Collaborate with JFD to ensure quality and global reach
  1. Interact with the Editor-in-Chief of JFD at the beginning and end of the academic year.
  2.  Collaborate with JFD on recruiting and training a new generation of reviewers.
  3. Initiate and maintain a mentorship program where senior researchers advise researchers from underrepresented or non-English speaking countries on different aspects of the research publication process.
  4. d. Encourage researchers from underrepresented countries to publish in JFD.
2)   Support IFA committees to inform its members about activities worldwide
  1. Deliver a newsletter twice a year (content TBD)
3)    Edit and support publication of the proceedings of the IFA congresses

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