Friday, July 03, 2015

IFA conference starts tomorrow! I do podcasts, talks, and book selling!

I am leaving today for the IFA conference in Lisbon, the capital of the Southern European country of Portugal. A great way to meet people from around the world: clinicians, scientists, and people who stutter.

In cooperation with StutterTalk and the conference organizers, I will be recording podcasts from the conference, together with Chris Constantino. We will do daily wrap-ups but also conduct interviews with individuals. Peter Reitzes will do the editing work and put them on StutterTalk. I already did a trial podcast interview with Jelena on Stuttering Treatment in Serbia.

My interviewees include the main organizers Kirsten and Hilda, Nan Rantner (on early childhood intervention), Per Alm (on the causes of the moment of stuttering), Paul Brocklehurst (on the impact of long-term meditation on stuttering), and more.

I will also give two talks: Obstacles in measuring outcome of early childhood intervention (check out the Mindool on possible obstacles - you can add and like ideas!) and A novel biopsychosocial model catering for the complexity of stuttering.

The second talk (of which you can find an older version here) is closely related to my just published book on an improved version of the biopsychosocial model (more on my website BPS2.0, and in a published review article with Gilles Michaux entitled How the tower of information leads to an integrated framework for biopsychosocial ideas, see here.)

I will also bring copies of my new book to the conference. Here is a little teaser of the front and back cover!

So I hope to meet some of you at the conference!


Torsten Hesse said...

Hello Tom,

thank you for the interesting interviews and for your engagement!

Anonymous said...

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