Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A very important question to Onslow and Packman

Onslow and Packman write in a response to the controversy of Lidcombe becoming the state-sanctioned treatment of choice:
"Indeed, if such evidence emerges for the efficacy of another treatment for early stuttering, we would encourage Speech Pathology Australia to approach the Australian government to consider it also for taxpayer-assisted support."
Here is the key question to them:

The Franken study has shown that there is no difference in efficacy between Lidcombe and a second treatment approach Demands And Capacities. So I ask:

As Lidcombe is effective (according to you) and the Franken study shows a similar efficacy for Demands & Capacities, does that constitute enough evidence to use Demands & Capacities in Australia too?

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Sue Sherratt said...

More concerns have been raised by Speech Pathology Australia members.