Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How the tower of information leads to an integrated framework for biopsychosocial ideas

I have published an article with a friend of mine on a new framework on how to classify all drivers of human behaviour and experience. I have specifically designed it to include all possible drivers of stuttering behaviour in one single framework, and it turned out to be generic to all behaviour and disorders. More details on our website

Here is the abstract:
The biopsychosocial model is the prevailing conceptual model in relationship to which clinicians organize their analysis, evaluation and intervention. Since its promotion by Engel, little work has been done to provide a more solid conceptual basis for the relationship between the biological and the psychosocial processes in sickness and in health. We propose such a framework, using the perspective of life forms as information gathering and utilizing systems. We derive the simplest non-trivial model, the four domain model, which consists of the physical domains determining human processes: the environment, the body, the confined memories, and the communicable memories. We then re-visit Engel's case study to contrast our model with his systems approach, and apply it to issues in psychosomatics and the mind-body connection.
If you want a complimentary copy, please send me an email: tom dot weidig at gmail dot com


Don T. said...

Hey Tom

What ever happened with that Lidcombe/Demands and Capacities comparison study? It's been a few years since the results were supposedly in.

Matko said...

Tom, did you ever try taking B1 vitamin?

Unknown said...

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Tom Weidig said...

>> What ever happened with that Lidcombe/Demands and Capacities comparison study? It's been a few years since the results were supposedly in.

Dear Don,

You need to send an email to Marie-Christen Franken. She is responsible for the study!

Anonymous said...

Feedback for Tom:

I read your articles about the framework.

It gave me an urge to underline the below fact:

The stuttering is not a psychological disorder. It is not due to an emotional nor psychological problem.
(However stuttering might trigger psychological problems.)

More feedback :
*many points, framework is stating the obvious.
*many points, framework is not providing measurable means.

Fran said...


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