Thursday, November 07, 2013

Who can organise a cheap IFA congress?

IFA has sent around this email to its members seeking candidates for organizing the IFA congress 2015. I very much appreciate that IFA is seeking to organize a cheap conference where many different parties can participate, even those from less wealthy nations and those who are self-paying.
IFA’s Meetings and Conferences Committee has been working on a proposal for the 2015 World Congress to be held in Canada. However, we have been unable to contain costs to the extent that was requested by IFA members in the feedback received from the 2012 IFA survey.

Therefore, we are expanding our options with 21 months available for planning. We have received an expression of interest from a southern European country. For the sake of openness and inclusiveness, however, we would like to hear from any other groups that might be willing to host the 2015 IFA World Congress. Others who hosted the IFA’s World Congress have reported that it is a wonderful way to contribute to the mission of IFA and to “show off” your part of the world while gaining international attention.

Minimum requirements are:
·         Conference facilities for 250-300 delegates
·         Large main conference room plus two rooms for parallel sessions/posters
·         Good connection to international airport
·         Affordable/modestly priced accommodations nearby

To facilitate timely communication, please contact any member of the committee with your preliminary questions as soon as possible. We will need to receive your completed proposal by November 15, 2013.

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this request that promises to result in an exciting 2015 IFA World Congress.

Kind regards,
Hilda Sønsterud, on behalf of the IFA Meetings and Conferences Committee


Anonymous said...

Mumbai, India.

Very affordable and world class facilities and hotels to stay.

You can get good hotels for $20 per night.

Near to the airport and english is widely spoken.

Lot of stutterers to reach out to.

So it makes a very good choice if you are looking for reaching out and affordability.

Tom Weidig said...

well then contact people who can organise a conference!

Anonymous said...

These guys look good but im not sure of affordability but quality definately since they have managed some big events.

You can have a look at their previous conferences and forward it to the concerned party.

Anonymous said...

well then contact people who can organise a conference!

Tom, you need to provide some contact info, or a link or something. Or at the very least, the name of the organization. Not everyone knows what the IFA is.

For IFA, Google finds:

International Franchise Association
Institute of Fine Arts
Index Funds Advisors

Tom Weidig said...

IFA is International Fluency Association

Unknown said...
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