Thursday, May 09, 2013

Specialist course on stuttering


Check out the ECSF course if you want to do a specialist course in stuttering:


The ECSF consortium would like to announce that the registration for the 2013-2014 course cycle is open.

The ‘ECSF’ is a one-year program, providing both the knowledge and the clinical skills, to assist speech-language therapists in becoming European Fluency Specialists. The program is a well-designed combination of lectures, clinical practice and home assignments.

If you are already working as an SLT, this specialization course is compatible with your current workload. Lectures are provided during two intensive weeks, scheduled during the academic year. These modules are combined with follow up sessions in the home country of the participant. The local sessions take place outside the intensive weeks. Preparatory reading and home assignments form an integral part of the course. The specialized clinical training, under supervision of a fluency specialist, can begin after the first intensive week.

Application procedure and application forms can be downloaded here.

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