Sunday, December 16, 2012

Navigate through my 1000 posts using dynamic views

Blogger has introduced a new way to visually represent blog posts, which allows the reader to easily skim through all posts. This eliminates the big downside to blogging: the disappearance of old posts. Unfortunately, many good features about the old template are lost so I decided not to switch. But they found a compromise until a further upgrade to the new template. You can directly link to this new template called Dynamic Views and run a dual blog site. That's what I do: see the link below the blog title! An added bonus is that I now restrict the recent posts to be displayed to ten, which makes the blog load four times faster!

Enjoy the huge archive! I was amazed at how much I wrote... a valuable resource that is now accessible to the wider stuttering community. I might not be right each time, but surely the reader gets an idea into his mind to wrestle with!

I can even group them according to topics, but for that I need to give all my 1000 posts topic labels... any volunteer to help me out here? ;-)

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Anandh Sundar said...

Drop me an email at andy161161 (at) be happy to help