Tuesday, October 09, 2012

How much do stutterers know about stuttering?

I have been stalking the ISAD conference again on Lidcombe as someone asked why Lidcombe is successful without asking first whether it is.

But let me inject some encouraging comments. I really liked to two posts.

From Jon Reilly:
Hello, I'm currently a graduate student at Kean University conducting a thesis regarding "education on stuttering." I was curious if you could recommend any studies that tested the knowledge of PWS on basic facts about stuttering. I researched and found John Van Borsel, but he presented surveys to the general public. I'm looking for PWS. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer.

I have never heard anyone do this research, and I really like the topic. Obviously, knowing about stuttering as a person who stutters is important. I was thinking for a while to suggest that a stuttering therapy should have a test for pws about stuttering. And only if you pass the test, can you enter the therapy. I would really be interested in seeing how much they actually know about stuttering. But then I also would like to see the same study done on generalist SLTs! ;-)

From Lynne Shields on common factors for lasting change:
Hello Reuben, There are quite a few factors that contribute to successful management of stuttering for adults. A few that I have seen as important among the people I've worked with are: 1) being ready for change (as opposed to just wanting change to happen), 2) having fairly specific goals (as opposed to wanting the stuttering to go away), 3) developing tolerance of stuttering, allowing them to experiment with their speech, 4) readiness to manage negative feelings and attitudes about their stuttering, if appropriate, and 5) the willingness to experiment, facilitating problem solving and independent management of their stuttering. There are certainly others, and I am sure others will share their viewpoints, as well. Best regards, Lynne


Satyendra said...

Dear Tom
Good question! In my experience- many pws, even after having been in therapy many times, still do not know many basic facts and discoveries about Stuttering. Interestingly, many trained SLPs in India, sincerely believe that stammering is a purely Behavioral/ psychological problem. They discount stuttering genes and CT scan brain study results, at best, as experimental guesses..
sachin (TISA)

ShonaBeauty said...

Hi have noticed since my Dr. prescribed for me Fluticasone Propionate for allergies my rate of fluency has increased to about 40 percent and continues to improve. I also take Effector for depression, panic and anxiety attacks. I am curious has there been any research as to whether combinations of these two 2 drugs decrease stuttering.
Stephanie B.

Ora said...

Shona: Take a look at http://thestutteringbrain.blogspot.com/2012/08/mazens-blog-meds-for-stuttering.html