Thursday, May 26, 2011

Crackpot Award for PARTHA BAGCHI

The StutteringBrain awards a Crackpot Award to PARTHA BAGCHI for his ability to ignore the current scientific understanding of stuttering. Even a quick look at wikipedia gives a better understanding of stuttering. He writes on his website Stammering Cure Centre.
Stammering .. is an acquired behaviour not inherited. 
WRONG. Stuttering runs in families, and about half is due to genes. Moreover, gene mutations have been located, most members in some families are stuttering, and monozygotic twins are more likely to stutter than dizygotic twins.

Here are some of the many causes according to Bagchi.

Some of the causes that lead to the development of stammering are :
1. Childish imitation of other stammerers either in the family or outside;
2. An after effect of certain serious illness such as typhoid, malaria, prolonged fever, convulsion etc;
3. Feeling of insecurity in the early age of school;
4. Strict, rude & rough guardianship;
5. Sudden physical or mental shock;
6. Shy or introvert nature from childhood;
7. Very fast speaking habit;
8. Mal-adjustment between parents;
9. Disturbances and quarrel in the family;
10. If the thought process is very fast;

11. Lack of co-ordination between thinking & speaking;
12. Stiff competition in all spheres of life;
13. If one is multilingual;
14. Side effects of strong medicinal action specially allopathy medicine;
15. Subjected to tremendous fear and tension from childhood;
16. If the child is left alone for some time without parents or familiar people;
17. When a second child is born in the family;
18. Seeing some horrifying scenes in real life or in movies;
19. If the child is weak or sickly;
20. When pressurised by parents to achieve difficult and high targets;
21. When forcibly changed from left handed behaviour to right-handed;
22. The child tries to attract attention and stammers when neglected;
23. If the teacher is strict and always punishes and terrorizes the child;
24. Humiliation in front of friends and class mates;
25. If one is frightened of every little thing;
26. Hurting one's head due to some accident, specially the back side of the head and
27. If parents and family members all talk very fast, the child is unable to compete with their speed and thus faulters.
As always, millions have experienced one of these "causes" but none stutters. And millions stutter than have not experienced many of these "causes".

India, watch out for his expertise!!!

Note: I am not saying that some of his advice might not be useful, but I am only referring to his understanding of stuttering in the light of scientific research.


Satyendra said...

Thanks Tom. Yes, many self proclaimed, often well intending Indian PWS, have set up "Cure centers". SCC is just one among them. People rarely use objectivity while assessing their services- State does not view stammering in the same light as Diabetes or AIDS, so they dont object and such cure centers carry on. Sometime back a man near Haridwar claimed that he had brought a herb from Himalayas which can cure Diabetes- and there was such a crowd at his place, that it became law and order problem! State Health authorities promptly jumped on him for fooling people.. But stammering is a different matter :-)
Thanks for doing the research and sharing your opinion..

J P Sunda said...

A well deserved award! I believe this award will make Mr Bagchi to spend at least one hour on studying the wikipedia entry on stammering. Great work Dr Tom!

Anonymous said...

well i can not say that he is totally incorrect. We basically learn how to stutter, ı do not know the science behind it but probably during childhood a neuron path forms in the brain that controls our speech and something went wrong when that neuron path forming. I hate this. I have tried everything to overcome my stuttering nothing seems to work except some medicine like lexapro. By the way this drug really works ı have taken it for 4 years, the first two years i was really happy with the results, i was 95 % fluent but sexual side effects were horrible, i had to make a decision and i quit. now i am at where i start. fear, anxiety, depression it all came back.
i have an idea you know they say there are about 70 million stutters around the world, why dont we just collect money lets say 200 $ per stutterer and donate it to a charity. we will have 14 billion dollar, with that kind of money we can have our own drug company mainly focusing on a drug for stuttering. The money we have spent on countless theparies is much more than that. It is just an idea what do you think about that ? Cant we do that ?

Anonymous said...

True, sometimes good therapists are not aware of the science behind the techniques.

Your idea is good but it will be better if money would be spent to already existing successful company to start making drug for us.

Hiten said...

Number 10 - 'If the thought process is very fast' made me crack up! :-)

Satyendra said...

@Hiten- What do you think of rest of it: "Stammering of any kind can be cured in 2 weeks. I have cured over 18000 stammerers..."

And this site has a very high page rank.. What does it tell us about ourselves?

goutham said...

any one please please till how to decrese stammer?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say that, you ALL are wrong! Sir (I call Mr. Partha Bagchi that only!) Is GOD to me! I used to be a stammerrer, and, he cured me in no time, that too, permanently! So, i dont need any other proof or method etc! Not only me, thousands have benefitted from his trainning! So, please stop defaming him and oil your own machine! Wish you all the best, so that you get more ideas to defame other good persons!

Anonymous said...

Hello To all !

I am surprised to know that Dr. Tom
knows everything ! Sachin , JP Sunda supports him. What a company ! Tom and Sachin Co. Why dont you people tell the Nobel Prize committee to award a nobel prize to Sachin and Tom at the same time ? Not even Prof. Issac Newton dared to tell that he knows complete truth ( He told that he was collecting pebbles in sea shore ) but you people stand higher to Prof. Newton ( the genius of physics ).Sir ( Partha Bagchi has cured many peoples totally 100% ) . They can even argue fluenly ! But you people ( Sachin , JP Sunda , and Tom are a gang of stupids and idiots ). Do you like this tile ? IDIOT SACHIN AND STUPID JP. SUNDA !I tell , you people are greatest idiots mankind has ever produced !

A well-deserved award for JP Sunda will be : He is greatest IDIOT and DONKEY born in INDIA !

Unknown said...

@ Annonymous,

I doubt if you are that Partha Bagchi himse'lf. Well never mind, if you have been benefited by his techniques and have been cured by your stutter why don't you show up your real self. Commenting as Anonymous only shows you are not confident about what you have said.

Anonymous said...

@ pramod vp...

There is no need to prove anything to you. You are not a Judge of a Supreme court . If any day we see each other in a court , I shall be ready with my speech there. If you are so eager to see me , plz see me there. I bet you wil be mesmerized. If you want a list of stutter free persons ask your boss Sachin. In a class whether is school or college there is a always a group of defaulters . But they are not the ones who counts. Similarly in the class of Partha Bagchi few peoples have not been able to cure themselves.
Curing stuttering is not an easy joke ! It requires supreme hard work ! Most people not willing to put in such tremendous work fail and bring bad names for Partha Bagchi. In India in the entrance tests to IIT do you know how many people fail every year to get admission ? . But those are not the peoples who counts. Try to apply your common human logic ! The Darwinian law states that " Survival of the fittest " Remember it !

Pavan said...

Can i talk with you on a call? Please.