Monday, April 18, 2011

More of the Australian gold standard

Here is an article for all those that claim that Lidcombe never claims to work magic.Even if you argue that the journalist got it wrong and they don't claim cures, you must wonder how the journalist came to the idea of "cure". This fits well into the last post where the therapist suspected the child's family to be the cause of the "non-cure", because she too was indoctrinated with the "cure". Here is the article.
Online remedy for stuttering
Nick Galvin
May 2, 2010

Relief may be at hand for millions of people around the world who stutter, thanks to the pioneering work of Australian experts.

The Australian Stuttering Research Centre in Sydney has won a federal grant of nearly $5 million to develop a system that sufferers can access via the internet. The simple program has cured pre-schoolers in 12 weeks.

''Parents ask kids every now and then to say what they just said without the stutter,'' centre director Professor Mark Onslow said. ''It works amazingly well but the problem is that there aren't enough speech pathologists to deal with all the kids who are stuttering.''


Norbert said...

If I had a £ for every time a journalist talks about 'cure' or 'overcoming' stammering even *after* I've spoken to them....

Tom Weidig said...

@Norbert: I suggest you give the diet analogy.

It is not too difficult to loose weight, but the hard thing is to keep it off. The same for alcoholics.

No cure like with alcoholics!

But you are talking about cure in general, whereas in this context the journalist was clearly influenced by the amazing success of Lidcombe.

Norbert said...

You can talk to journos all you want. I've been talking to them for more than ten years. I have unlimited faith in journalists' ability to misrepresent.

Not sure what the journalist was influenced by, have you spoken with him/her?

Anonymous said...

Hey, how come LP Do Not work on kids ages 6-12?

Anonymous said...

Is the primary goal of this blog and the multiple frustrated anti-science comments to try and stop researchers from making efforts to help children and adults who stutter and just wait until Tom figures it all out?

Gary said...

A question:

Why do people post anonymously?

You can post under ANY name ...