Sunday, February 21, 2010

Costly Enzyme replacement

Let's just assume enzyme replacement treatment to counteract the recently identified gene mutation exists. According to Holger, who has dug out the costs of existing treatments for Lysosomal disorders.
Morbus Fabry charges around 200'000 € per year per patient.
I mean who can pay for this? And, I rather spent 200'000 € on something else!


Ora said...

Now that would be an interesting study:

Ask a sample of stutterers "How much would you be willing to pay to completely cure your stuttering, considering your stuttering severity, the role of stuttering in your life, and your economic situation?" Capture several variables: For each person, capture:
- a measure of stuttering severity
- a measure of economic situation
- how much they'd pay
Do some smoothing maybe, and plot the results as a two-dimensional manifold in 3-space.

If we had such data, could they be used to encourage drug company investment in research?

Maybe we also need a fourth variable: degree of stuttering reduction: How much would you pay for a 25%, reduction? A 50% reduction? A 75% reduction? A 100% reduction?

Anonymous said...

I have the same thoughts as Ora, also i know myself, i'm losing out of thousands i can earn, but because of my stuttering i'm holding back on my job choice's, in the order of $10,000-15,000 dollars per year.

Anonymous said...

what is the economic cost of stuttering? Any statistics or studies?

For example, to speecheasy or no speecheasy.

What is the price of happiness?

Stuttering Jack said...

A study has just been completed in Australia by Prof Ashley Craig and Elaine Blumgart on the social and economic cost of stuttering and should be released soon. SJ