Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back from Paris

I was in Paris this weekend competing in the Toastmaster's division International Speech contest after I won my club and area contests. There were six contestants from each area covering the Benelux countries and France. Unfortunately, I didn't make it into the Top3; only the first three are announced. But it was a great experience, and the delivery of my speech my best so far. And many people came up to me after the talk, and congratulates me: Best talk I have heard for ages, Very inspiring, My No1. And so on... So why did I not make it into the Top3? God knows what the judges were thinking. But seriously, I really enjoyed my presentation, they laughed at all my jokes, and everyone was listening... The only one who did not congratulate me was a person who also stutters, sorry who is a recovering stutterer from the McGuire course! ;-)

The speech was recorded, so I will try to post it. Try out Toastmaster!


Pamm said...

Hey Tom,

Great job on advancing as far as you did in the contest. Next week, at my TM meeting, I am doing a speech on voluntary stuttering, and someone suggested I record mine too.
Toastmasters is great. I mention it on my recent blog entry.


Anonymous said...

Hope you compete again in 4-6 month or next year. You will make an even bigger difference if you WIN and speak out against bad stuttering stuff....

Daniele Rossi said...

WOW! Great stuff! Can't wait to hear your speech.