Friday, December 12, 2008

Vancouver Film School Documentary

Check out this well-done documentary movie on stuttering by Vancouver Film School students through the following VFS production program:
Director Bruce Oothout
Director of Photography Shane Smith
Producer Youssef El-Khoury
Editor Raymund Santos


Anonymous said...

Hi! I have been a stutterer since i was 2 yrs old and I have recently discovered that my 3-yr old son stutters, which is, needless to say, devastating. I linked to your blog through the Stuttering Foundation website and found this documentary. The interview that Hannah gave was probably the most amazing thing (related to stuttering) that I have ever seen in real life and online. Her calmness and poise is so admirable. She is instantly my hero. Thank you for that link.

Anonymous said...

Haha I was watching this and noticed that the lady (speech pathologist) that shows up used to be my speech therapist for like a month. Hated her, charged me $150 an hour, and didn't help me at all. Her techniques were useless. And she tried to use some NLP on me. Never will I go back to her.