Monday, August 25, 2008

Maguire talks on medication on StutterTalk

Check out StutterTalk's interview with Jerry Maguire on medication. Jerry is the main investigator of the Pagoclone study. He introduces the field, and talks about side effects. He said that he is guinea pig amd tried several compounds. He thinks that a combination of medication and speech therapy is more effective. Greg talks about his experience on medication: he said that secondaries reduced but he had significant side effects. Then Maguire talked about Pagoclone. He says that the Phase III is going to go ahead. In Phase III, they will play around more with dosis. Pagoclone seems to be more effective with longer use. He said that Phase II showed 20 to 40% improvements, (I DO NOT AGREE BECAUSE PLACEBO DID SIMILAR. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BOTH WAS ONLY ABOUT 10% REDUCTION! THE OPEN LABEL DID BETTER BUT IT IS NOT PLACEBO CONTROLLED AND NOT ALL PARTICIPATED) They then talked about fluency shaping and it's unnormal speech unlike medication. Maguire says that it is not going to be a cure with all, but he believes in a combination of different approaches is the future. Then, they talk about different cocktails that some advertise. Jerry spoke about the use of telemedicine. So whereever you are in the world, you can get a consultation with Jerry and Dave at the Stuttering Center at Irvine in California.

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