Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Surrounded by Germans at Oxford

Here is a picture of TheStutteringBrain and the Germans at Oxford. (Thx to Nicole)

From right to left: Martin Sommer (neurologist / university lecturer & researcher at Goettingen), myself, Nicole Spindler (Martin's PhD student), Beate Schwittay (German Association), Norbert Liekfeldt (British Stammering Association), and Veronika Gutmann (Martin's PhD student).

I also want to clarify that I am not German, but from Luxembourg which is a beautiful and independent country neighbouring Germany (a fact unknownst to many US Americans). :-)


Anonymous said...

Mr. Weidig -
After reviewing your "The Stuttering Brain" blog site, the information about you on the internet, and speaking with you briefly at conferences re: stammering, I am offering you the following analysis - and genesis- of your stammering.

Your stammering is a psychoneurosis caused by the persistence into later life of early pregenital oral nursing, oral sadistic, and anal sadistic components. ("Pregenital" refers to the organization of the sexual life of yourself during the early infantile period before the genital zone had assumed a dominating role.)In your stammering, the various pregenital tendencies are definitely observed when you attempt to speak, and also appear in characteristic oral nursing and oral cannibalistic dreams, clearly demonstrating that you - the stammerer - have not overcome these pregenital impulses in the course of your adult development.
Your stammering is not a conversion neurosis, but one in which your original pregenital tendencies have continued from early pregenital setting of the libido. This persistence of the pregenital reactions also influence your character traits as a stammerer. Your beginnings of stammering in early childhood are clearly not of a psychoneurotic nature; it was only through the prolongation of early oral ativities that your stammering became a psychoneurosis. There is an unconscious tendency by you to retain the original libido binding to your mother because as a stammerer, you do not wish to abandon your original infantile helplessness and lose the early nursing object.
As a stammerer, your illusion of nursing is maintained and the oral gratification continued by your illusory substitution for the maternal nipple, and you retain your mother into adult life.
As a stammerer, You wish to retain the early pleasure-principle of nursing; this is one of the major factors which produces your strong resistance to analytic treatment.

Contributing research articles for this analysis-
"Ein Typus von Analerotischem Widerstand"
"Die Verhutung des Strotterns"

I do this to urge you to confront the truth about your stammering and address your need for psychoanalysis. Truth sets one free.

Anonymous said...

Tom - Help us to know how to react.

Is this guy serious, or is this a joke???

It this an anonymous posting, or do you know who this is?

O said...

It's a joke.
Maybe one of Tom's friend ?
Otherwise it's not a psychiatrist, and he is just a bloody idiot.