Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Qualifications you need

Here are the qualifications you need to be the first to understand PDS completely. You need to have an good understanding of or need to be:

1) neuroscience.
2) brain scanning techniques.
3) brain pharmacology.
4) statistical methods.
5) genetics.
6) stuttering treatments from patient and therapist perspective.
7) psychology
8) what it feels to be stuttering yourself (ideally, covert, moderate, severe, and recovering)
9) how to network with other researchers
10) getting funds for your research.
11) how to be a very good scientist.
12) high intelligence.
13) good organisational skills.
14) a good orator for conference talks
15) a walking wikepedia and literature review.
16) creative to have good new ideas
17) expertise in audiology.
18) computer programmer.
19) expertise in mathematical modelling

Any more?


Anonymous said...

It's lacking just item 10 for Per Alm.

Sandra Merlo said...


I think you forgot to include "linguistics" or "language studies".

Kind regards,
Sandra Merlo

Tom Weidig said...

Hi Sandra,

do you think linguistics is relevant, because it is not about speech? But I guess it's important to analyse spoken speech and check whether people who stutter have linguistic difficulties.

I also forgot speech pathology.