Monday, April 30, 2007

CNN talks about stuttering

Having CNN's Dr Gupta talking about stuttering is of course more authoritative than myself writing 100s of posts on my blog! So I don't want to hold back on the message, after all we learn that Jerry Maguire really wants to be Donald Duck: :-)

GERALD MAGUIRE, DR., UNIV. OF CALIFORNIA, IRVINE: I remember in kindergarten, first, second grade, I would imitate cartoon voices in class when I would be called upon. Hello, my name is Donald Duck or whatever. I haven't done them for a while, but...
GUPTA: Jerry Maguire grew up to be Dr. Maguire.
MAGUIRE:I likely stuttered the rest of my life.
GUPTA: A psychiatrist and researcher at UC Irvine, Dr. Maguire is one of the world's leading experts on stuttering. He's one of a growing number who believes stuttering is not caused by a psychological weakness, but by an anatomical problem in the brain.
MAGUIRE:We're learning that stuttering is actually a miscommunication of the brain speech centers with the mouth, throat, and tongue in getting the words out.
GUPTA:To better understand, let's take a tour through the brain. First off, this is the basil ganglea (ph), which controls speech. In people who stutter, it is believed the striatum is bombarded with too much dopamine.
MAGUIRE: We found that the medication was effective in reducing stuttering in over half, in over half the patients.
GUPTA: Pagaclone doesn't cure stuttering, but it does curb it.
MAGUIRE: I believe that the future of stuttering treatment will combine therapy and medications both.
PATIENT: Well, now, I have a free flow of thought that I've never experienced before. It's kind of weird. It's like a, kind of a revelation.

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