Thursday, February 08, 2007

Review article on stuttering treatment

Here is an interesting review article by Bothe, Davidow, Bramlett and Ingham: see here.

Review of studies that met the trial quality inclusion criterion established for this review suggested that response-contingent principles are the predominant feature of the most powerful treatment procedures for young children who stutter. The most powerful treatments for adults, with respect to both speech outcomes and social, emotional, or cognitive outcomes, appear to combine variants of prolonged speech, self-management, response contingencies, and other infrastructural variables. Other specific clinical recommendations for each age group are provided, as are suggestions for future research.

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Anonymous said...

Are you aware of an article by Carl Herder (et al.) in "Contemporary Issues in Communication Science and Disorders" (Spring 2006), titled "Effectiveness of Behavioral Stuttering Treatment: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis"? Here's a link to a summary:

I haven't looked at the full article you're referencing, but based on the summary, Carl's article seems to take a lot more quantititive and statistical approach.

(Tom - I think you've met Carl. He said he met you face-to-face recently at a conference.)