Wednesday, November 15, 2006

How to make a stutterer stutter

I always discuss how to make us more fluent. But how about tricks to make us more dysfluent!!! Please post your best tricks! :-)


Anonymous said...

What's your name?

Anonymous said...

A good approach would be trying to hide you stutters. This builds a considerable amount of pressure on you and it's likely it will affect your speech fluency.

Congratulations for your blog!
Since recently, I also register my experiences with stuttering in
I find it a great way of reflecting on practice

Tom Weidig said...

I like the "What's your name?".

But even better:

"Excuse me what was your name again?"

Anonymous said...

I know it. You are SOOOOO proud of not blocking on your name and the damn ******* asks again. ;D

But since I train my speech more severely I get it out without stuttering. It happens surprisingly often and I'm shocked every time again I can tell someone my name without struggling. :O

Anonymous said...

Any of the above:

- What's your name?
- What do you do for a living?
- What do you study?

Or any direct and basic question.

Granville Kirkup said...

I have difficulty saying 'Granville' so often use 'Robert', which is actually my first name. But now, some people know me as Granville and some as Robert, and I have to remember which! Strange that I can say 'Robert' OK. If it was my 'real' name, I probably could not do so. Why is that?