Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Missed meeting and eye contact

I am in NY, but missed my meeting with Carl and Lloyd (readers of my blog and fellow stutterers). I was on time, but couldnt find the piece of paper where I wrote down the bar we were supposed to meet. But there are so many bars and so on at Central Station... :-(

But was excellent training for maintaining eye contact. I was running for half an hour making eye contact with everyone I possibly could in the hope it would be Carl or Lloyd recognising me from the picture on my blog...

Oh well... maybe we can still meet up.

Talking about eye contact... I have a theory that girls think male stutterers are obsessed by breasts. Why? I am often avoiding eye contact by looking a bit down... of course when I talk to a girl, I happen to look at precisely the place I shouldnt be looking at even though I dont want to look there... what a perfect excuse... oh well... :-)

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