Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Call for participants

Holger Stenzel found this call for participants for the Pagoclone study. Here is the newspaper article:

Researchers at the University of Utah need stuttering adults to help evaluate the effects of pagoclone, a drug that has shown promise in clearing stumbling speech patterns.
At most, 1 percent of the population stutters, and many people who do might be hesitant to take medication, said Michael Blomgren, an assistant professor in the department of communication sciences and disorders at the U. That has made it challenging to recruit participants in parts of the nation where the study already has begun.
"For people that stutter, it's a pretty big problem. . . . It can really be disabling," said Blomgren, who has personal experience battling the disorder.
Drug companies already have tested pagoclone for treatment of anxiety and panic disorders, but researchers found it had beneficial effects on stutterers, with no side effects.
The U. is one of 10 centers nationwide recruiting for the clinical trials.
Potential participants who complete a screening will be asked to take the investigational medication or a placebo for eight weeks, and will receive about $20 per visit. At the end of the treatment period, participants may choose to extend the study, taking the drug for 12 months free of charge.
Those who want more information should call Blomgren at 801-585-6152, or visit (extract from Salt Lake Tribune)


Einar said...

No side effects? Boring! Where's the point of taking that drug if it doesn't make you high...? ;-))
No seriously now, sounds interesting, though the approach to treat stuttering with drugs hasn't shown any positive effects yet of my knowledge...

Tom Weidig said...

Still alibe? You didnt answer my email! You must be under drugs! :-)

There have been several drug study that have shown that stuttering is reduced but not eliminated.