Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Reporting from BUKO 2005

I will be reporting from the German self-help association's annual conference BUKO 2005 in Goettingen. I will drive there with Einar, who is also from Luxembourg but of Islandic origins.

Dr Martin Sommer invited me to the annual congress to talk about therapies in Luxembourg and England. But we decided that I will talk about therapy research in general, because Rachel Everadt (chair of BSA) speaks on the UK and the situation in Luxembourg is anyway similar to Germany, France or Belgium, except maybe that the health insurer typically pay for therapy without asking too many questions.

In my short presentation, I will list and explain the key concept to conduct therapy research (like relapse, how to measure success, etc), and why it is so difficult to do. I will also mention PEVOS which is an Germany-wide initiative to evaluate therapies. I have not finished the talk yet...

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