Friday, August 19, 2005

Tom's Top 10 on drugs

Here are some thought provoking statements about using drug for PDS treatment.

1) Drugs will never cure PDS.

2) Studies will show that some drugs reduce stuttering symptoms in the majority of people with PDS.

3) Drugs will be less effective for some, probably allowing scientists to divide people with PDS into subclasses which would be a very significant finding.

4) Studies will also show that there are no long-lasting effects once drug use is discontinued.

5) The most useful and effective use will be temporally limited to a few hours i.e. taken before an important presentation or job interview.

6) The drugs will have no significant side effects.

7) The class(es) of drugs most effective will give us a better understanding of the nature and causes of PDS.

8) Drugs that do not alleviate symptoms but might help to unlearn bad habits, learn new habits or prevent relapse will become as important as drugs alleviating symptoms.

9) Pharmaceutical companies might jump on the band wagon depending on the strength of the business cases. Leading to more money for *real and no nonsense* scientific research and to aggressive marketing, and in the process to an over-emphasizing of the real usefulness.

10) The use of drugs that act more with the fear/anxiety aspects or that will be taken over long periods of time will stay problematic both medically and ethically.

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