Monday, June 13, 2005

Social Anxiety

I am soooooooooo busy. I am going on holiday to Spain for a wedding on Thursday. Here is an interesting article that I have recently read: here . I think Prof Craig is a very good researcher. I always enjoy reading his articles.

He talks about Social Anxiety and Stuttering. He concludes with: "In conclusion, it is becoming clearer that a fluency disorder like stuttering, if it persists past the teenage years, is associated with higher levels of social anxiety. This is especially the case if their stuttering is severe enough to warrant therapy. It is also especially true for women. It is important that we should not be surprised that stuttering can cause distress serious enough to create social fears and anxieties. People who stutter should also be more willing to seek additional help that can offer professional guidance in helping them to control their anxiety. The future is in their hands."

I like his article as it quite surgically destroys the myth that people with PDS stutter because they are anxious to talk. NO! They stutter and that's why they become anxious and then sometimes stutter even more. At least that's my opinion. There is just one "criticism" or let's say comment. As a person who stutters, it seems obvious to me that people who stutter would develop social anxiety. If you cannot do something well but everyone else can and does not understand why, you will be concerned right? So why researching the obvious / common sense??? Am I being unfair now?

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