Friday, December 15, 2006

Adrian, the King of Therapies

Upps, not many people entered the competition. I always thought every person who stuttered went to many different therapies... Or did I upset some people? Did I make some aware that they went to many different therapies but still stutter?

Anyway, I hereby nominate Adrian: he is the candidate with the most therapies, and the only one of the competition! :-)

His therapies:

1) Therapy with various school SLPs.
2) Private therapy with SLP 1 as a child. (This one videotaped me to point out all my speaking mistakes)
3) Private therapy with SLP 2 as a child.
4) Private therapy with SLP 3 as a child.
5) Group workshop with Martin Schwartz (airflow) as a teenager. An awful experience!
6) Private therapy with SLP as a teenager.
7) Hollins (Fluency Shaping) three week course in 97 (Roanoke, Va).
8) Hollins one week refresher in 98.
9) Hollins one week refresher in 99.
10) Private therapy with SLP (Tim Mackesey) including desentization, voluntary stuttering, pull outs, slides, NLP, etc. around 2001.
11) McGuire Program 1 (three days in Reno, NV) in 2004.
12) McGuire Program 2 (Galway, Ireland) in 2004.
13) Neurosemantics (NLP) five day workshop with Bob Bodenhamer (Charlotte, NC).
14) McGuire Program 3 (Reno, NV) in 2004.
15) Casa Futura DAF system in 2005.
16) McGuire Program 4 (Washington DC)in 2005.
17) McGuire Program 5 (Washington DC) in 2005.
18) McGuire Program 6 (Washington DC) in 2006.


Anonymous said...

Looks like none of those therapies are effective, otherwise he wouldn't have to try so many. Any thoughts on that?

Anonymous said...

Don't see The Stuttering Foundation of America listed as contacting them might have helped. Parents, teachers, and employers getting their information gives the person who stutters supportive, well-informed people surrounding them. Our family (there are several of us who stutter), through reading more and educating those who we come in contact with, has had a much better time with our stuttering than we would have otherwise. One had the money to go to an SLP and is a little more fluent than the rest of us.

Adrian said...


I do want to give credit to some of the therapies for teaching some good skills (other therapies were worthless). But yes none has brought my speech to the point where I would like it. I do like the McGuire approach of mixing therapy with a lifetime support group though. I keep attending courses because they are practically free after the first one. It has it's flaws and I certainly still stutter, but I do believe it is the best of the bunch.


Adrian said...


Thanks for crowning me King! I do know at least one person who has me beat though. I would imagine there are a few more out there too.


ferramis said...


I honestly can't remember to which therapies I went. I judt found time to go through few of your posts starting from the first and found lots of interesting posts. I didn't know there was so much to know about ;)